Dream Big & Then Persist

Dream Big on Your Journey

Things are not as they always appear.  Opportunity has a habit of showing up where it is least expected.  It also often appears in disguise.

Too often we pray and seek answers then get frustrated because they don’t “seem” to come.  I can pretty much assure you that the answer will come, but are you ready or positioned to see it?  The key to “seeing” is having an open mind.  I am truly amazed at the people who are presented with a life-changing opportunity and fail to see it because they are closed-minded.  They hear something and immediately have an opinion that usually has no basis in reality.  They base their opinions on past experiences or the opinions of unqualified people.

The Bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened to you.”  These statements are not “if’s”, they are truth and apply to anyone.  Let’s take Thomas Edison for example.  He was seeking a way to produce consistent light.  He tried over 10,000 times to develop the filament for his light bulb invention.  Did you get that number?  OVER 10,000 times!  Most people would say he failed  over 10,000 times, but not Mr. Edison.  He looked at it as 10,000 ideas that didn’t work.  He was determined to “fail” his way to success.  He instinctively knew the law of “asking, seeking, and knocking” as put forth by Jesus.  This is not a religious law, it’s a law of creation just as gravity is a law and it works every time.  However, the law of “asking, seeking, knocking’ is governed by another law: the law of persistence!

People mocked Thomas Edison and wrote him off as a Nut.  But that “Nut” had faith and trusted the laws of God’s creation.  He was convinced inwardly that if he tried enough times, the law of success would kick in and grant him his request.

The answer to Thomas Edison’s puzzle came in a dream during one of his infamous afternoon cat naps.  The answer was simple and was always there, but he could not see it.  It took his persistence to open the door to the success that he sought.  The answer came in a flash…but it was preceded with over 10,000 attempts or so-called failures

Thomas Edison had a dream of constant light that would change the way the world would see things.  That dream drove him to do what most men would even dare to do.  He stuck with his dream until it became a reality.  What marked Thomas Edison was his ability to see things differently and persistence to find his answers…until.  The answer to his filament question was with regards to something that had nothing to do with light.  But when the answer came, no matter how illogical, he tried it and it worked!

Learn to develop your ability to look at things differently.  You never know,  your answer might be starring you right in the face.

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