Your Success Begins with Trust

The day came when I was faced this a terrible fact:  My life did not match what God had to say about me.  When I finally came to the place where I had to confess that I didn’t measure up, I had to do something.  I had to take action.

It was  early 2009.  The economy tanked.  I just started a new sales job.  Business was at an all time low.  I was facing a brick wall with nowhere to turn.  At that juncture, the search began.  I turned to God and His Word like never before.  I got up early each morning and read,  prayed, and journaled.  I began to hear God’s voice:  “Michael, do you trust Me?”  May immediate answer was, “Yes Lord, I trust you.”  However, the Lord was not convinced for He asked me that same question for months until I finally realized that I didn’t trust Him.  I loved Him, but didn’t trust Him.  Once I confessed my lack of trust, things began to happen.

Can you love someone and not trust them?  Sure you can.  There are several people I love, but I do not trust.  They have broken trust with me based on their lies (words)  and broken promises (actions).  However, God is not a person that He should lie.  As a matter of truth, God CANNOT lie.  If God is true and cannot lie, why don’t I trust Him?

We all were raised and conditioned not to trust.  Just about everyone we know either lied or broke promises to us. Look at the divorce rate, affairs, bankruptcies, lawsuits, politicians, etc.  Life is full of heartache due to broken trust.  We see it even in churches and among believers.  I was even sued by believers because of the corruption of religion!  Can you believe it? With all the distrust around us, we end up not trusting God Himself.

We pray for healing and prosperity and God seems not to answer.  Why?  Does He not hear?  Is He also untrustworthy?

The problem is not with God, it is with us.  We have associated God and but Him in the same box as we put everyone else. How then can I trust God?  It all starts with His Word.  We have to LEARN to trust what He says.

I have learned that reading the Bible is not enough.  I have learned that I need to meditate on His Word and let it soak into my every thought, to the point my heart becomes fully persuaded of His faithfulness to keep His promises.  Once I was convinced in my heart and was fully persuaded  that His Word is true, life began to change for me.  My prayers were answered. Healing took place. Abundance flowed into my life.  All because I was more persuaded that God’s Word was true than I was of my (real) situation.

When we are more convinced of God’s Word than our sickness, lack, loneliness, etc., things will change.  What we believe MORE will manifest.  Healing will come.  Prosperity will appear.  Relationships will develop.  The ordinary with become extraordinary.  This is what happens when we truly trust God and His Word.

To hear more about trusting God and how to develop it,  please visit my You Tube channel by clicking HERE.

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